ILPA - Indian Leather Products Association

FREYA –A Unit of ILPA Infrastructure Development Foundation

Set up at the initiative of the National Leather Development Programme (a UNDP-assisted unit of the Government of India) in 1997, Freya is the first of its kind Leather Goods Design Studio in Asia. Today Freya is a not for profit centre operation without Government funding. It provides a broad spectrum of services to micro, small and medium scale leather goods manufacturers. It is a full-fledged design shop that caters to the demands of the domestic and international market.

Freya has many objectives.

  • It is more than a facility: plays a pro-active role in the strategy to mesh markets with entrepreneurs.
  • Upgrades skills of crafts-persons.
  • Helps catalyse the technological transformation of the sub-sector.
  • It provides design (including CAD) services, pattern-making and prototype production facilities.
  • Imparts training in design and pattern-making.
  • Serves as a resource center for the latest information on. fashion/market trends, colours and designs.
  • It promotes marketing/export linkages, facilitates buyer-seller meets.
  • It runs a state of the art common facility centre.
  • At the strategic level, Freya has positioned itself as a platform for policy-based discussion on the Development of the leather goods sector.

In its operational mode

  • Combines traditional skills with the latest in designs, and new technologies with age-old craft.
  • Sets benchmarks for quality and standardisation.
  • links artisan groups and micro-entrepreneurs with global markets.


    The objective of the studio is to be a powerful Force for sustainable human resource development.

Target Segments

  • Artisans
  • Micro Enterprises
  • Small Scale Entrepreneurs
  • Exporters


  • Provide Design Support
  • Technical assistance and advancement
  • Conducts Short Term Courses in Design, Pattern-making & Production Methodology
  • Conducts Short Term Courses in CAD
  • Imparts Training to upgrade skills
  • Provides opportunities for employment and business.
  • Dovetails contemporary designs with artisans' skills.
  • Business Incubation

Freya offers a complete design package that includes:

  • Drawings
  • Precise patterns
  • Specification sheets
  • Costing Sheet
  • Comprehensive information about
  • material sourcing.

It has a wide, varied and regular Customer Base Technical assistance is provided through

  • Demonstration and usage of machines
  • Training personnel in the use of machines
  • Improved production technology
  • Assistance in setting up of units
  • Recommending machines and equipment
  • Recommending layout of workstations and
  • installation of equipment.

Human Resource Development is high on its agenda.

  • Besides regular courses in Design, Pattern-making, Production Methodology and CAD it trains
  • Floor level workers thereby providing a skilled workforce to the industry
  • It also designs customized on-site training programme for specific requirements put forward by the industry

Other outputs

  • Providing support to nascent enterprises through capacity building, appropriate equipping and exposure to new technologies
  • Facilitating market linkages by helping artisan groups develop and create markets for their products, either directly or indirectly
  • Providing a platform for better interaction between exporters, material suppliers and fabricators of leather goods.
  • Maintaining a resource center and data bank to enhance knowledge about domestic and international market requirements.
  • Designing catalogues and brochures.
  • Providing factory layouts and recommending machines and equipment.

Achievements and Impact

The main activity of the studio is to provide original designs based on specific fashion forecasts, season-wise. Many exporters, some well established, utilize this facility. Products designed by Freya have been displayed at Mipel Fair, Milan, Asia Pacific Leather Fair, Hong Kong and Offenbach Fair, Germany and also at the Buyer-Seller Meets organized by the Council for Leather Exports.

Freya has collaborated with various institutes such as

  • Footwear Design Development Institue
  • Central Leather Research Institute
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology
  • National Institute of Design
  • Entrepreneur Development Institute of India
  • Intracen Geneva
  • Lineapelle Italy
  • Assomac Italy
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization
  • I L & FS
  • National Centre for Jute Diversification
  • Micro Small & Medium Enterprises

Freya has published technical handouts detailing production procedures - from pattern making to assembling and construction. It has also prepared an Audio Visual training module for basic machines used in leather goods production.

Freya offers a complete package - From concept to reality it helps the industry and the leather goods manufacturers to achieve targets. It is committed to a process of improving its own efficiency and effectiveness in becoming a stronger force for the benefit of the leather goods industry.